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J.Franzen 🙂

Giedrė rašė apie detektyvą, susijusį su J.Franzen akiniais. Sugalvojau, kad reikia pažiūrėti, kas ten toks per autorius su savo knygomis, kurių viešai ir garsiai negali megti moterys :). Ir Amazonėj radau štai tokį knygos The Corrections aprašymą:

Critically lauded and an Oprah Book Club choice, Jonathan Franzen’s third novel The Corrections is already a huge success in the US, and it’s none too difficult to see why. Whereas his earlier novels, The Twenty-Seventh City and StrongMotion could be seen as single-issue works (on inner city decay and abortion respectively), the long-awaited The Corrections is far more grandiose in its ambition and its scale.

Framed by matriarch Enid Lambert’s attempts to gather her three grown children back home for Christmas, The Corrections examines their lives: Enid’s husband Alfred, sinking into dementia, her sons banker Gary and writer Chip (now in Lithuania) and daughter Denise, a chef, busily re-evaluating her sexual identity.

With these characters, Franzen gives himself plenty of room to examine the foibles, fears, hopes, anxieties and neuroses of 21st-century American life and the mad Lithuanian subplot provides some real laughs. But most striking and surprising about The Corrections is its reassuring normality. Despite all its well-signposted dysfunction, this remains at heart a big sprawling family saga, with all the security that implies. The book closes with Enid noting “that current events in general were more muted or insipid nowadays than they’d been in her youth” during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Now, “disasters of this magnitude no longer seemed to befall the United States”. It’s a line Franzen couldn’t have written after 11 September, 2001–and, perhaps because of its now forgotten confidence, The Corrections is a book that readers will take to their hearts.–Alan Stewart

Vienu žodžiu iš smalsumo, susijusio su Oprah, Lietuva ir t.t., šita knyga bus pirmoji šito vyriško autoriaus knyga, kurią tikiuos perskaityt.