Dėmesio dėmesio! Ar jau matėte, kad “Vaga” išleido Tom Rachman knygą “The Imperfectionists” – “Netobulieji” (vertėja Emilija Ferdmanaitė)?

Apie šitą knygą rašėme čia prieš metus.

New York Times knygos apžvalgoje rašonor do I know how someone so young — Rachman turns out to be 35, though he looks even younger in his author photo — could have acquired such a precocious grasp of human foibles. The novel is alternately hilarious and heart-wrenching, and it’s assembled like a Rubik’s Cube. I almost feel sorry for Rachman, because a debut of this order sets the bar so high.”

The Washington Post “”The Imperfectionists” is about what happens when professionals realize that their craft no longer has meaning in the world’s eyes (think of all those hardworking monk-scribes idled by Gutenberg) and that the only people who really understand them are on the same foundering ship, and that, come to think of it, they really loved that damn ship for all it made their lives hell.”

The New Yorker “Rachman, a former editor for the International Herald Tribune, paints the characters’ small dramas and private disappointments with humanity and humor. Throughout, italicized asides take us through fifty years of the “stolidly black-and-white” paper’s history, from heyday to decline.”


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