Pulitzer 2011

Truputį pramiegojom Pulitzerio laimėtojus. Gal ir daugiau tokių pramiegojusių ir nieko negirdėjusių, tai šis postas jiems. Pulitzer 2011 Fiction kategorijos laimėtoja jau debiutavo mūsų bloge Orange longlist. Jeniffer Egan su savo knyga A Visit from the Goon Squad laimėjo Pulitzer, o štai į Orange shortlist nepateko. Na, dabar tikriausiai dėl to labai nesijaudina. Sveikinam rašytoją, o visus perskaičiusius jos knygą, įkvėptą Proust’o À la Recherche du Temps Perdu, and serialo Sopranai (didieji snobai intelektualai gali pavartyt akis), prašom prisiduoti. Ačiū.

Kaip sako oficialus Pulitzer Award puslapis:

Awarded to “A Visit From the Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan, an inventive investigation of growing up and growing old in the digital age, displaying a big-hearted curiosity about cultural change at warp speed.

Trumpai apie tai, kokius sopraniškus žmones rasite knygoje (iš čia):

 The stories circle magnetically around a few characters who recur a bit more frequently than others, and broadly around the American music scene: Lou, a coke-snorting, teenage-girl-seducing music producer in the 1970s, becomes the mentor of an untalented young bass player, Bennie, who becomes a music producer himself, who hires a young woman, Sasha, who has a problem with kleptomania, who sleeps with a young man, Alex, who much later ends up hired by Bennie to engineer the comeback of Bennie’s high-school friend Scott, who went off the rails as an adult and ended up one day in Bennie’s office with a fish he’d caught in the East River, where Sasha’s best friend and boyfriend in college had once gone for an early morning swim with tragic consequences. Bennie’s wife works for a publicist named Dolly whose daughter, Lulu, will end up working with Alex; Bennie’s wife’s brother is a journalist who is arrested for the attempted rape of an actress named Kitty Jackson who has her own fall from grace and is later hired by Dolly to enable the public rehabilitation of a genocidal Latin American dictator.

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