M.Atwood: “A.Monro kelias į Nobelio premiją nebuvo lengvas”

8_alice_munro_byline_shapton-300x300The Guardian publikavo M.Atwood tekstą, kuriame ji kalba apie savo draugės ir naujausios Nobelio premijos laureatės  gyvenimą.

“Munro found herself referred to as “some housewife”, and was told that her subject matter, being too “domestic”, was boring. A male writer told her she wrote good stories, but he wouldn’t want to sleep with her. “Nobody invited him,” said Munro tartly. When writers occur in Munro stories, they are pretentious, or exploitative of others; or they’re being asked by their relatives why they aren’t famous, or – worse, if female – why they aren’t better-looking.”

Nobelio premija teikiama jau 111 metų, Alice Munro yra tryliktoji rašytoja moteris gavusi ją.




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