Viename avatare pastebėjau skaitančios mergaitės nuotrauką. Paprašiau avataro savininkės pasidalinti šios nuotraukos istorija. Nuotrauka daryta 1957 m. Nyderlanduose, mergaitei Sophie – 4 metukai.

“This picture was taken behind the house we as a family lived in. It is a former headmasters house and we have access to a whole schoolyard. In the pictue I sit next to the chickenpen. My father made the picture, not long before he had bought this camera. I was reading in a picturebook with small stories on the bottom of the page. I’m not sure I could really read at that age but I could tell the story to myself because I remembered the words my mother had read to me. My mother told me years after this happend that I alway said to everyone ‘I’m going to read my book’.

I still love to be in a quiet place to read.”