Dingusios karalystės

History, most people reckon, is what you can remember about the past. But the forgotten bits can be the most interesting ones. […] The variety is striking; the Byantine empire lasted more than 1,000 hundred years; the Republic of Carpatho-Ukraine barely 24 hours. Some, like Aragon or the Grand Duchy of Lithuania grew into empires. – Iš The Economist, lapkričio 6 d. numerio.

Čia apie knygą – Vanished Kingdoms: The History of Half-Fogotten Europe by Norman Davies, top paties, kuris parašė storą knygą Europos istorija. Ieškosim skyrelio apie savo prapuolusią vaiduoklišką karalystę?

The Independent čia. The Telegraph čia.

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