Pirmasis pasimatymas su Helen Dunmore

Po truputį iriuosi per Orange premijos laimėtojus. Šiandien baigiau  skaityti  H.Dunmore “A Spell of Winter” 1995

Pati sunkiai sudėlioju mintis ir žodžius šiandien. Noriu labiau skaityti nei rašyti, tai užtekts parodyti, kokias pasakiškas recenzijas knyga yra gavusi.

“An intensely gripping book. Tense, dark and beautifully crafted, the book that won its author the Orange Prize is one that will be hard to forget . . . written so seductively that some passages sing out from the page, like music for the eyes.”——The Sunday Times

“The story is wreathed in mysteries with a possibility of violence, yet this is not just a bleak tale of incest or a murder mystery. Rather, it is a lyrical exploration of the meaning of love and the possibilities of life. Dunmore writes poetry as well as prose, and through poetic writing she has crafted a sensual narrative. This modern Gothic, which won the first Orange Prize in Britain in 1995, is recommended for must public and academic collections.” ——Library Journal

“Helen Dunmore’s spellbinding, lyrical prose is close to poetry. She writes like an angel and the compelling turn-of-the-century story she so skillfully unfolds in A Spell of Winter makes the emotions churn and tingle. . . .——The Daily Mail

Man, tiesa, pabaiga pasirodė tokia šiaip sau, bet visumoje tai prisidedu prie knygą giriančių.