Šiandien Guardian rašo, jog rašytojas Mikhail Šiškin atsisako reprezentuoti Rusiją Book Expo America 2013 renginyje. 425px-MichaelShishkin1209n
Iš pradžių jis priėmė kvietimą, tačiau vėliau pakeitė savo nuomonę

Laiške organizatoriams jis rašo : “Russia’s political development, and the events of last year in particular, have created a situation in the country that is absolutely unacceptable and demeaning for its people and its great culture”.  “What is happening in my country makes me, as a Russian and a citizen of Russia, ashamed. By taking part in the book fair as part of the official delegation and taking advantage of the opportunities presented to me as a writer, I am simultaneously taking on the obligations of being a representative of a state whose policy I consider ruinous for the country and of an official system I reject.”


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